On This Week’s Episode…

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There’s nothing like a good, home-cooked meal and Chef Kevin shows us exactly how to do just that.



On the Menu:

Stuffed Peppers, Green Beans and Lemon Bars 

meat sauce

Starting off with simple yet succulent stuffed peppers, Kevin instructs us on how to core the yellow, green, and orange peppers and pre-cook them before filling them with a delicious red meat sauce.  Topping the filled peppers with mozzarella cheese, Kevin pops them in the oven and starts next on the garden fresh green beans.

finished lemon bars

While the vegetable simmers in water and bacon bits, he finishes up the episode by making his signature lemon bars.  Sound easy?  That’s because with Kevin’s help, dinner can be quick and delicious.

While Kevin gets his cooking on, his side-kicks Tim and Kelsey share some interesting tid-bits about peppers and lemons. For instance, did you know that red, orange, and yellow peppers are actually very ripe green peppers?  And adding her two cents to the mix, Chef Julie provides us with some great cooking tips about squeezing the last drop out of a lemon and making any meat-centered meal low-fat.

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