Fireside Chat!

The latest episode of Cooking With Kevin is our season-irific Fireside Chat. ¬†Season 3′s chat differs in that instead of answering viewer’s questions, Chef Kevin demo’s 8 different tasks done in the kitchen to make cooking easier. ¬†CWK SE03EP05-6From testing your baking powder to see if it’s still effective to what to do when a recipe calls for softened butter and your stick is still in the fridge – Chef Kevin’s here to help!

2 thoughts on “Fireside Chat!

  1. Finally caught your show while I was unfortunately in for a Hospital stay…!!! But I loved the show and would love to know times and days your on so I can watch it at Home…;-) I just happened across it that day. Can I replay any of the shows? Keep up the great shows. Although I have only seen one, looking forward to seeing many more of them…

    • Irene,
      We are so pleased that you discovered our little gem. And you’re in luck! Visit our “Watch Episodes Online” tab to view all of our episodes (that’s right, season 1 through 3!).

      If you want to catch the latest episode on tv, visit Channel 22 at these times:

      Friday at 6:30pm
      Sunday at 2:30pm
      Wednesday at 3:30pm
      Thursday at 12:30pm

      Enjoy the show and thanks for becoming a fan!
      The Cooking With Kevin Crew

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