Salmon, Salmon, Salmon!

Intro SegmentThis week on Cooking With Kevin, Guest Chef Tom shows Kevin how to make a fantastic salmon dinner.

CWK SE03EP06-2

Tom starts off with showing Kevin how to filet a fish – it’s easier than it sounds!

Then, while the succulent fish soaks in a special sauce, Kevin makes a rice pilaf to compliment the meal.  Afterward, Tom shows Kevin how to create a special baste for the salmon and apply it before cooking the fish.  

CWK SE03EP06-5

And Tom wasn’t done there!  He proceeded to show Chef Kevin how to make a weight-loss success story’s salad!  This meal’s a keeper, folks!

Meanwhile, In the Know’s Tim talks to us about rice pilaf, Get Smart’s Brenna educates us on the difference between wild and farmed salmon, and Helpful Tips’ Julie does what she does best – giving us tips – this time on how to prepare and cook a fool-proof piece of fish.

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