When it comes to cooking and food, Kevin’s got a gift. Leave it to him to look through a fridge and a mostly empty pantry and be able to pull off a five star meal. Don’t have bread crumbs? Don’t have this seasoning or that seasoning? No worries! Kevin is “Mister Make-Do”—which really means “Mister Make-Better.”

All the recipes featured by Kevin on the show are originals and delicious. Besides cooking, Kevin is an ardent football fan and recently graduated from a nearby University.




Tim is a guy about town. From frequenting music concerts, Blazer games and Beaver’s football—Tim isn’t your typical guy that sits home most nights. Currently attending a nearby University, Tim is “the man”, an expert on the wii, a champion bowler, but most of all—he’s “In The Know!”




IMG_4137_brennaAn avid traveler, Brenna’s been across the globe and back, compiling stories and delicious recipes along the way. Although she specializes in desserts and amazing tasting goodies, her expertise also includes delicious dinners and side dishes. Brenna hopes to leave her mark on the world–one country at a time.  Welcome to Get Smart, Brenna!



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The most seasoned chef on the team, Julie imparts her cooking wisdom during her “Helpful Tips” segment. Never one to need or follow a recipe, she makes cooking easy and delicious. Specializing in desserts, her creations have wowed friends, family, and co-workers for years.



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