Thai Special with Guest Chef Brenna

This week on Cooking With Kevin, Guest Chef Brenna returns!  CWKSE03EP07-1The fans got what they wanted – and Brenna cooks up quite the delicious entree to celebrate her return to the kitchen on this Thai Special episode.  


She starts with showing Kevin how to make her amazing peanut sauce before putting him to work on some veggie prep. For the noodles, Brenna uses some authentic rice noodles, but gives plenty of substitution suggestions, including pulling out one of her favorite kitchen tools to demonstrate home-made veggie noodles.  CWKSE03EP07-6For his contribution, Chef Kevin creates a Thai-inspired Coconut Rice Pudding.  The meal is amazing, folks – the staff couldn’t stay away from the peanut sauce!  


We walked away from filming with full tummies (yes, we even ate tofu -and it was delicious!) and the confidence to tackle what Brenna demonstrated in our own kitchens. Thai food can be prepared at home, finally!

Meanwhile, Helpful Tips’ Julie gives us the low-down on how American Thai differs from authentic Thai food, and In the Know’s Tim shares some history on mangos.

It’s a fun one!  Enjoy! :)

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