2016 Holiday Special!

Chef Kevin decided to film a holiday special for fans – and it includes a preview of the special segments coming up Season 4 which premieres January 20th!

For the holiday special, Kevin whips up delicious and creamy mashed potatoes, along with a delightful holiday stuffing.  Quick tip: you can never have enough butter! :)

Meanwhile, In the Know’s Tim shares a few things he’ll be talking about in the upcoming season, like chicken pot pies, breakfast burritos, drinks around the world, and chocolate truffles.  Uhh…yummy!  And Helpful Tips’ Julie divulges that her segment will include such topics as the healthy benefits of soup, secrets of moist and flaky rolls, differences between white and red sauces, and how to cook tender pork.  All of which will be very informative and fantastic.  Lastly, Brenna reveals in her segment she will talk about how to cut veggies (cut your time and save those fingers!), how to make delicious light and fluffy cake, how to make the punch bowl pretty, and she’ll discuss the differences between veganism and vegetarianism, among other things.  It’s going to be a great season!

Happy Holidays!