Episode 4 is FINALLY ready!

Sorry folks about the delay!  Most of the CWK staff – in fact, ALL of them – came down with the head-cold going around and filming had to be delayed until everyone was healthy again.  Now that everyone is back to 100%, the show can – and must – go on!

On this week’s episode, Kevin participates in a CHOPPED challenge.  Viewers selected a handful of items for our chef to combine into a delicious meal.  CWK SE03EP04-2It was no easy feat – crushed pineapple?  Tomatillo? – but alas, Kevin came to the rescue, creating a Southwest-Inspired Creamy Chicken and Rice Soup.

Meanwhile, In the Know’s Tim provides us with enough information about rice to last a lifetime, Get Smart’s Brenna educates us about soup bases, and Helpful Tips’ Julie shares how to achieve a fool-proof soup.  It’s a fun one, folks (isn’t it always?? :) )