2016 Holiday Special!

Chef Kevin decided to film a holiday special for fans – and it includes a preview of the special segments coming up Season 4 which premieres January 20th!

For the holiday special, Kevin whips up delicious and creamy mashed potatoes, along with a delightful holiday stuffing.  Quick tip: you can never have enough butter! :)

Meanwhile, In the Know’s Tim shares a few things he’ll be talking about in the upcoming season, like chicken pot pies, breakfast burritos, drinks around the world, and chocolate truffles.  Uhh…yummy!  And Helpful Tips’ Julie divulges that her segment will include such topics as the healthy benefits of soup, secrets of moist and flaky rolls, differences between white and red sauces, and how to cook tender pork.  All of which will be very informative and fantastic.  Lastly, Brenna reveals in her segment she will talk about how to cut veggies (cut your time and save those fingers!), how to make delicious light and fluffy cake, how to make the punch bowl pretty, and she’ll discuss the differences between veganism and vegetarianism, among other things.  It’s going to be a great season!

Happy Holidays!

Season 3 Finale!

CWK SE03EP10-5Well, folks,Season 3 has come to a close!  To commemorate the end of this season, Chef Kevin hosts a fun, Family Feud game show party for our staff and guest chefs!

CWK SE03EP10-2


Stepping in for Steve Harvey, Chef Kevin quizzes the staff on their cooking knowledge.  

CWK SE03EP10-4


Who will win – staff vs. guest chefs?  Watch to find out!


And don’t worry, Cooking With Kevin will be back before you know it!  We’ve already met and discussed Season 4, which begins filming next month!  There will be some new, exciting changes – so keep your eyes peeled for the premiere!

Chips and Dip!

CWKSE03EP09-6On this episode of Cooking With Kevin, Chef Kevin makes his amazing mango avocado salsa.  Choosing the freshest of vegetables from his favorite nearby market, Kevin chops up a storm to concoct the perfect mixture to dip your chips in.  CWKSE03EP09-5

Meanwhile, In the Know’s Tim discusses GMOs, Brenna tells us where we can get some traditional Mexican food, and Helpful Tips’ Julie shares how to pick the freshest fruit from the bin.  

Mac n’ Cheese, Please!

CWK SE03EP08_1This week on Cooking With Kevin, Chef Kevin has a student chef on the show.

CWK SE03EP08_6

Dakota, a budding food connoisseur, instructs us on how to make his signature mac n’ cheese. Blending three different cheeses together in a creamy sauce, Dakota makes our mouths water at the sight of his restaurant-style comfort food.  

CWK SE03EP08_7

And then adding his own calorie-buster to the mix, Chef Kevin makes his to-die-for peanut butter cheesecake. You seriously don’t want to miss this!  It’s a show-stopper!

Meanwhile, In the Know’s Tim gives us some date-night ideas (yay!), Get Smart’s Brenna educates us about the cucumber, and Helpful Tips’ Julie gives us some ideas on how to make our favorite mac n’ cheese healthier.  Don’t miss it!

Thai Special with Guest Chef Brenna

This week on Cooking With Kevin, Guest Chef Brenna returns!  CWKSE03EP07-1The fans got what they wanted – and Brenna cooks up quite the delicious entree to celebrate her return to the kitchen on this Thai Special episode.  


She starts with showing Kevin how to make her amazing peanut sauce before putting him to work on some veggie prep. For the noodles, Brenna uses some authentic rice noodles, but gives plenty of substitution suggestions, including pulling out one of her favorite kitchen tools to demonstrate home-made veggie noodles.  CWKSE03EP07-6For his contribution, Chef Kevin creates a Thai-inspired Coconut Rice Pudding.  The meal is amazing, folks – the staff couldn’t stay away from the peanut sauce!  


We walked away from filming with full tummies (yes, we even ate tofu -and it was delicious!) and the confidence to tackle what Brenna demonstrated in our own kitchens. Thai food can be prepared at home, finally!

Meanwhile, Helpful Tips’ Julie gives us the low-down on how American Thai differs from authentic Thai food, and In the Know’s Tim shares some history on mangos.

It’s a fun one!  Enjoy! :)

Salmon, Salmon, Salmon!

Intro SegmentThis week on Cooking With Kevin, Guest Chef Tom shows Kevin how to make a fantastic salmon dinner.

CWK SE03EP06-2

Tom starts off with showing Kevin how to filet a fish – it’s easier than it sounds!

Then, while the succulent fish soaks in a special sauce, Kevin makes a rice pilaf to compliment the meal.  Afterward, Tom shows Kevin how to create a special baste for the salmon and apply it before cooking the fish.  

CWK SE03EP06-5

And Tom wasn’t done there!  He proceeded to show Chef Kevin how to make a weight-loss success story’s salad!  This meal’s a keeper, folks!

Meanwhile, In the Know’s Tim talks to us about rice pilaf, Get Smart’s Brenna educates us on the difference between wild and farmed salmon, and Helpful Tips’ Julie does what she does best – giving us tips – this time on how to prepare and cook a fool-proof piece of fish.

We’re Playing Catch Up!

Sorry about the delay in updating the website, folks! We had some miscommunications and things didn’t get submitted to me (the web-person, not to be mistaken with spiderman!) so we fell behind online.

But no need to worry! I’ll be posting info about episodes 6 and 7 today!

The CWK Webslinger err web-person. ;)

Fireside Chat!

The latest episode of Cooking With Kevin is our season-irific Fireside Chat.  Season 3′s chat differs in that instead of answering viewer’s questions, Chef Kevin demo’s 8 different tasks done in the kitchen to make cooking easier.  CWK SE03EP05-6From testing your baking powder to see if it’s still effective to what to do when a recipe calls for softened butter and your stick is still in the fridge – Chef Kevin’s here to help!

Episode 4 is FINALLY ready!

Sorry folks about the delay!  Most of the CWK staff – in fact, ALL of them – came down with the head-cold going around and filming had to be delayed until everyone was healthy again.  Now that everyone is back to 100%, the show can – and must – go on!

On this week’s episode, Kevin participates in a CHOPPED challenge.  Viewers selected a handful of items for our chef to combine into a delicious meal.  CWK SE03EP04-2It was no easy feat – crushed pineapple?  Tomatillo? – but alas, Kevin came to the rescue, creating a Southwest-Inspired Creamy Chicken and Rice Soup.

Meanwhile, In the Know’s Tim provides us with enough information about rice to last a lifetime, Get Smart’s Brenna educates us about soup bases, and Helpful Tips’ Julie shares how to achieve a fool-proof soup.  It’s a fun one, folks (isn’t it always?? :) )


kev smileThis week on Cooking With Kevin, Chef Kevin tantalizes our taste buds with his Southwestern Chili.

Using some top secret ingredients (you’ll have to catch the show to find out!), he allows the ingredients to simmer to perfection while starting on his mini chocolate cream pies. Cooking With Kevin SE03EP03-1Yes, that’s right – mini’s! Bet you can’t stop at just one! Chef Kevin shows us how to make this crowd pleaser – the perfect way to wrap up your Easter festivities!

tim in seqMeanwhile, Get Smart’s Brenna discusses the avocado and why it’s such a great food topper. In the Know’s Tim explains what makes southwestern food southwestern, and Helpful Tips’ Julie educates us on the benefits of beans. Stay Gassy! Opps! We mean – Stay CLASSY! :D

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