Season 3 Episodes

Episode Ten – FINALE

Watch as Chef Kevin hosts a Family Feud Special.  Who will win – staff or guests chefs? Watch to find out!

Episode Nine

Watch as Chef Kevin makes his famous mango avocado salsa.  Meanwhile, In the Know’s Tim explains GMOs, Brenna tells us where we can get traditional Mexican food, and Helpful Tips’ Julie teaches us how to pick the freshest fruit.

Episode Eight

CWK SE03EP08_6CWK SE03EP08_1CWK SE03EP08_7

Watch as student guest chef Dakota shows Chef Kevin how to make his mouth-watering signature three-cheese mac n’ cheese.  Afterward, Kevin crafts his amazing peanut butter cheesecake – a show-stopper at any gathering.  Meanwhile, In the Know’s Tim gives us some date night ideas, Get Smart’s Brenna talks about the cucumber, and Helpful Tips’ Julie gives us tips about how to make your favorite mac n’ cheese healthier.

Episode Seven


Thai Food Special!  Watch as Guest Chef Brenna returns to show Kevin how to make a Vegan Peanut Sauce Stir-fry with Tofu.  Chef Kevin adds a Thai-inspired creamy Coconut Rice Pudding – and with their powers combined, they create the perfect Thai meal. Meanwhile, In the Know’s Tim educates us on mangos and Helpful Tips’ Julie gives us the low-down on the differences between American Thai food and authentic Thai cuisine.

Episode Six

CWK SE03EP06-4CWK SE03EP06-6CWK SE03EP06-5

Watch as Guest Chef Tom shows Kevin how to make succulent salmon and a delicious salad.  To add to the meal, Chef Kevin prepares a tasty rice pilaf.  Meanwhile, In the Know’s Tim talks about rice pilaf, Get Smart’s Brenna educates us on the difference between wild and farm salmon, and Helpful Tips’ Julie gives us tips on fool-proofing your salmon dinner.

Episode Five

Watch as Chef Kevin demos 8 recipe saving tips during his season-irific Fireside Chat.

Episode Four

Watch as Chef Kevin participates in a CHOPPED challenge, transforming a handful of viewer selected items into a delicious meal option.  Meanwhile, In the Know’s Tim talks about rice, Get Smart’s Brenna shares about soup bases, and Helpful Tips’ Julie educates us about making a fool-proof soup.

Episode Three

Cooking With Kevin SE03EP03-1kev smileCooking With Kevin SE03EP03-9

Watch as Chef Kevin tantalizes our taste buds with his southwestern chili, followed by mouth-watering mini chocolate cream pies.  Meanwhile, In the Know’s Tim explains what makes southwestern food southwestern, Get Smart’s Brenna talks avocados and why they are such a great food topper, and Helpful Tips’ Julie educates us on the benefits of beans.

Episode Two

CWK SE03EP02-1CWK SE03EP02-3CWK SE03EP02-7


Watch as Chef Kevin whips up the perfect batch of game day nachos.  Adding their flavor to the mix, In The Know’s Tim discusses the different types of nachos, Get Smart’s Brenna educates us about Mexican-style pulled pork, and Helpful Tips’ Julie shares with us how to make the fool-proof nachos.

Episode One

CWK SE03EP01-6CWK SE03EP01-7CWK SE03EP01-9

Watch as Guest Chef Susie shows Chef Kevin how to make mouth-watering turkey burgers out on the patio.  Chef Kevin compliments the meal with his tasty macaroni salad, creating the perfect late summer meal.  Meanwhile, In The Know’s Tim talks about the many different types of salads you can serve at a BBQ, Get Smart’s Brenna discusses the popularity of turkey, and Helpful Tips’ Julie educates us on how to perfect cook noodles.

2 thoughts on “Season 3 Episodes

  1. Kevin have you ever thought about a chicken pot pie show. I have quite the family recipe
    Your fellow colleague. Kip

    • Kip! It’s funny that you suggest that because Kevin’s cooking staff already asked him to do pot pies on Season 4! Kevin will be in touch. :)

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