We’re Back!

Welcome to Season 3 of Cooking With Kevin!  The show officially premieres on CCTV (Channel 22) today (Wednesday), January 20th, at 3:30pm.  For the full schedule, please visit here.

CWK SE03EP01-5For the season opener, Chef Kevin calls on his Aunt Susie to help him kick-off the show with pizzazz.  Together, they make mouth-watering turkey burgers, mixing the meat with fresh basil and feta cheese before grilling it outside on the patio.  Kevin compliments the meal with his tasty macaroni salad.  CWK SE03EP01-4The meal was, in fact, so good that even In the Know’s Tim couldn’t help sneaking on set and taking a bite (or two!) before being caught red-handed!

Meanwhile, Get Smart’s Brenna discusses the popularity of Turkey, Helpful Tips’ Julie gives us a lesson on how to perfectly cook noodles and In The Know’s Tim shares his favorite type of salads for any BBQ.

It’s so great to be back!  We’ve been working hard on filming season 3 and … drum roll please … Chef Kevin’s cookbook should be available for purchase late Spring!  Ta-ta for now!