Mac n’ Cheese, Please!

CWK SE03EP08_1This week on Cooking With Kevin, Chef Kevin has a student chef on the show.

CWK SE03EP08_6

Dakota, a budding food connoisseur, instructs us on how to make his signature mac n’ cheese. Blending three different cheeses together in a creamy sauce, Dakota makes our mouths water at the sight of his restaurant-style comfort food.  

CWK SE03EP08_7

And then adding his own calorie-buster to the mix, Chef Kevin makes his to-die-for peanut butter cheesecake. You seriously don’t want to miss this!  It’s a show-stopper!

Meanwhile, In the Know’s Tim gives us some date-night ideas (yay!), Get Smart’s Brenna educates us about the cucumber, and Helpful Tips’ Julie gives us some ideas on how to make our favorite mac n’ cheese healthier.  Don’t miss it!

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